Infusing fats with the Mota Pot

Want to avoid smoking-related issues? Try edibles. The MOTA POT does this easily by infusing butter or other oils. Infusing butter or other ‘fats’ requires two things: decarboxyalation (decarbing) and infusing. Activate the cannabinoids in your strain by decarbing it. Then you infuse the fat you selected. Here are videos demonstrating these two things. The first set of videos on this page describe how to use the Mota Pot to infuse butter but any fat can be used and how to use the ‘puck’. The second shows one way to ‘decarboxylate’ your strain. In between is an explanation of why you need to decarboxylate cannabis prior to cooking.


How to use the Mota Pot

Three-part series on using the Mota Pot. The first video is about setting up and using the Mota Pot. The second video shows the ‘puck’ with a couple of ideas about how to use it in recipes. The final video demonstrates putting the solidified butter into a storage container.

The ‘puck’:

Last Step: Putting the Cannabutter into a storage container:


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Why Decarb?

Why must cannabis be decarboxylated first?  Cannabis in its raw state contains cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, and others) in an ‘acidic’ (THCA, CBDA, CBGA) state. In order to activate them a molecule must be removed in order for them to connect to receptors in the body. This is done by slowly ‘cooking’ them. When you smoke cannabis, this process happens automatically. But to make an edible, the activation must be done in other ways. Typically most edible users ‘cook’ their cannabis in an oven. There are some ‘downsides’ (the smell) to this but they can be overcome fairly easily (boiling a pot of onions is often used). There are also some products in the market that do the same thing without the negative side effects. Fortunately, we will soon be carrying some of these on our site.

How to decarb?

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