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Roasted, Baked and Glazed

Roasted Baked and Glazed is all about edibles and Medical Cannabis. We are your trusted resource for successful in-home edible making.  We demonstrate tips, techniques, and tools. You can find all of this on our blog, podcast, and YouTube channel.

As a result, Roasted Baked and Glazed supplies the home chef with some of the essentials for successful cannabis cooking. In our shop, you can easily find small kitchen wares, artisanal foods, herbs, and spices in our e-commerce store.

Above all, our website is geared towards the home chef. We offer support, guidance, and encouragement for both the new and experienced edible cook. Our community involvement is not just for hype. We highlight women-owned cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses. Roasted, Baked and Glazed works to leverage our reach to improve their marketability.

In addition, we actively engage the community to provide education and entertainment. 

We Are:

Carolyn King has years of cooking experience. Carolyn honed her skills over years of learning. In addition, her experience as a stand-up comedienne and a social worker gives her excellent people skills. Carolyn has the ability to quickly relate to and understand others. Her strong passion for helping others lends itself well to helping others improve their skills. In addition, she is skilled in incorporating other businesses in joint ventures. As a result, it is a core feature of Roasted, Baked and Glazed.

Charles Stoy worked for the Department of Corrections as a Shift Commander. Prior to this, he worked as a lead worker and a line supervisor. As a management consultant, he utilized the skills he acquired in earning an MBA. He worked in several industries to help other firms resolve problems and succeed in their market.


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Homemade caramel
A batch of homemade infused caramels!



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