Cooking With Cannabis: Third Conversation with a Sommelier and The Denver Scene

Cooking with Cannabis

A Conversation with a Sommelier: The Denver Scene

the final portion of the conversation and cooking with cannabis. The Dank Home Chef and Zander talk about the ‘scene’ in Denver as it relates to transgender people and people of color.

Denver can easily believe some of its own hype. Yes, Denver is leading the way in several areas. Treatment is better yet the news stories are painting a different picture. The improved treatment of the LGBTQIA+ community and people of color is a ways off.

A short review of the contents of the previous session:

A Conversation with a Sommelier: Part II

A deeper discussion of how a sommelier uses their skills to choose a strain. Cannabis lovers can apply the same techniques to selecting a strain of Cannabis.

Smell and sight are the two main senses used. How does the strain smell? Is there a predominant terpene? Lemonene, myrcene, or another terpene the dominant aroma?

Visually can the flower be seen easily? Is there kief present? Are there any flower buds present and are they heavy with kief?

If you can feel the plant does it feel dry? Or is it fuller, more crystals present on the nugs?

What skills does a Cooking with Cannabis sommelier bring?

A sommelier uses their experience with wine to select a good match, pairing, with a meal. They use their sense of smell to match the flavor profile of a meal. Using those
same skills can help a cannabis user to match the cannabis flavor profile to the meal flavor profile.

Skills needed to Id various Terpenes

The Dank Home Chef talks with Zander about a couple of terpenes. Their conversation covers a couple of the major terpenes and how those impact the smell and taste of a particular strain. They talk about how terpenes should match up with the dominant flavor profile to enhance the dining experience and as well as improving the enjoyment of the cannabis strain.

The Chicken, Cooking with Cannabis

The Dank Home Chef used Golden Goat infused butter with the chicken. She injected the butter deep into the meat with an injector bought from the local grocery store. The internal temperature of the chicken is generally around 165 degrees there is no concern about the THC degrading while the dish cooks.

Link to strain guide:
Leafly Cannabis Guide

Link to “What skills do sommeliers need”:
How Sommeliers use their skills

Baked Infused Chicken
Finished infused chicken

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