Conversation with Kimi LeVadge and her THC infused personal lubricant

Infused personal lubricant is not a normal topic of conversation. However, The Dank Home Chef sits down with Kimi LeVadge. They discuss the beauty of an infused personal lubricant. Kimi talks briefly about sexual health. She goes into a bit of detail about how she developed her brand of personal lubricant. Kimi explains why she started infusing her lube with THC and the demand that created. She compares her brand with over-the-counter lubricants.

The Get Down on Douching

Both she and the Dank Home Chef explain why douching is NOT the preferred method of maintaining vaginal health. Kimi further explains why label reading is absolutely essential for maintaining vaginal health. She also provides an in-depth explanation of why infused personal lubricant is better.

The Why of Personal Lubricant

When she had her first child, she looked for safe products to use during pregnancy. As she says, it’s not like you get pregnant and stop having sex. However, when she was looking on the shelves, everything was had the disclaimer: “do not use if you’re pregnant”. Or it would have ingredients that were kind of sketch and then it’s like she didn’t want that in her while carrying her baby. So what else can she? She started messing around with the ingredients and ended up making her own lube.

About Kimi

A Sexpert by trade, Kimi has used her love for creating to offer physical goods. She enjoys helping people find joy + pleasure daily. Her goal is to leave the world a little better than she found it. Kimi appreciates the chance to add more good to your day.

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