Getting a better ‘high’ when you shop

Getting a better ‘high’ when you shop: An Interview with a Budtender

Getting a better high when I shop? Is it possible?

We all know that experience. The customer walks into the dispensary. They look at the price list. We check out the offers. A budtender asks: Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid? We tell the budtender our choice. They take our money, hand us our purchase. We leave.

How can this be called good?

How can I get a better high?

Here is an interview that covers some possibilities.


An Interview

The Dank Home Chef focuses on getting a better ‘high’. She talks with her favorite budtender: Mack!  She and Mack discuss ways to improve the shopping experience. They discuss the cannabis buying experience. You can improve your experience!


Interview with a Budtender

A deep delve into improving your experience is next. Just what is a good experience? Go beyond the liquor store experience? How do terpenes work? Are they important?

Can I improve my experience? How important is the idea of clean? Clean does impact your high!


Second: When You Shop

What should I look for in a budtender? How do I choose the right strain? What are terpenes? Is ‘couch lock’ a bad thing?


Getting a better ‘high’ when you shop: The Budtender

Those pesky side issues discussed. What about Prison Reform? Is Colorado dealing with inmates sentenced for cannabis? Is sexism an issue in the industry?

You can get a better high

The interview ends with a Saffron Tagliatelle with Spiced Butter infused with Golden Goat. Mack finishes the interview with a vanilla ice cream dessert. She finishes off with a tempting sweet treat topped with hot chocolate. Oh, and caramelized bananas (also infused with Golden Goat).  Mmmmm, GOOD!

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