Videos: How To Make Weed Edibles or Caramel

Want to learn how to make weed edibles or caramel? Or do you want to know how to make an infused meal for those occasions when you have friends over for an evening filled with fun? Here is a series of short videos demonstrating that and more!

Want to learn how to make caramel? Here is a short video showing how to make delicious infused caramel.

A video on making infused dehydrated pineapple. A great tasting snack and easy to make! A hit with everyone!

Here is a short video demonstrating how to make Cannasugar. What a sweet addition to the morning cup of joe.

How To Make Weed Edibles or infused pancake topping! Video showing pancakes with an infused pineapple topping. Yum! They were delicious.

Another variation on Cannasugar — Lemon flavored Cannasugar!

Companies are working to make this pandemic bearable. One of our favorites is Hello Fresh!!

Need something that will feed several friends who are coming over for the evening? Well here is a dish that is tasty, nutritious, and filling. Plus it has the added benefit of infusion! Good eats, y’all!

Need a tincture? The GREEN DRAGON to the rescue. A short video demonstrating how to make the tincture using Everclear. Just a few drops under the tongue and you are on your way!

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Learn how to make infused peanut butter cups! Here!

Peanut Budder Cups
Delisioso to the max!

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