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Sommelier and picking a strain

Why a sommelier can help in choosing the Strain for how to make edibles


Carolyn: Hello, here we are Roasted, Baked and Glazed fam. This is your friend, your buddy, your pal, your girl, the Dank Home Chef and I am sitting at the table with my friend Xander who’s also going to help us along in doing our pairing this evening. So we say hi to Xander.
Zander: Hi.

Relationship time

Carolyn: And also sitting at the table is Chris! We call you boyfriend? Do I call you friend friend? Do I call you boy toy? Do I call you husband? I don’t know tell me
Chris: okay, identify…define husband.
Carolyn: put an extra u in there…but yeah, I am so excited to just you know, get inside your head and just have fun with you and talk about terpenes. So it’s like Pairings with Xander talking terpenes. So tonight, on tonight’s menu. We have a beautiful. I’m going to call a beautiful cuz I’ve cooked in roast chicken that we’ve infused with some compound cannabutter and that was a two day process because I had shot everything up and slathered it and put it in a refrigerator yesterday because I really wanted to get moist and flavored and then I roasted it off, you know for an hour so, you know, For sure.

And as our we also have some black rice here again, just so we’re not just feeding them chicken. There is a full meal and we have a little salad that Xander has gratefully, because I made him, made the salad dressing. It looks delicious. I can’t wait to get it. I love a good salad. Okay, so it may not look like it. But so and so we’re going to be doing a pairing today and just kind of talk about what that is what our terpenes why do we why should we even care? So I’m going to just kind of light my pipe and just maybe share a little bit. Would you want to make your plate? Well, you know…

Zander: yeah sure for great on…

Carolyn: mom…I don’t want to be your mom…that’s just weird…Great Aunt…I can go for Great Aunt

Xander: You’re younger than my mom.

Carolyn: mom. Damn. Good. Okay.

The Sommelier comes out

Xander: Okay, but I just, to address your question about pairings. I kind of approach pairings from a beverage analysis kind of standpoint. I’m a sommelier and a cicerone; a sommelier being a wine expert and cicerone being a beer expert and so, you know, one of the main things that that you have to do in order to earn those certifications is to learn a lot about sensory analysis. And so I think, you know, as we’re doing pairings with terpenes a lot of that kind of overflows and you know is very applicable to all sorts of different pairings.

So terpenes, you know, I’m not an expert but as far as I know, terpenes are the individual chemical compounds that give a weed its specific aroma and flavor profile. And so these are important not only because it makes our favorite weed, you know taste the way we wanted to taste but also because these individual compounds produce different effects, so certain terpenes will relax you while some will give you energy and, and some will help with muscle relaxation. And so, yeah, but yeah, so terpenes are really important not only to the flavor and aroma of the weed but also to the way that you enjoy it and the way it affects your body.

Carolyn: body, you know, okay, so you hear terpenes are we…we supposed to taste that or is it just really just the how the body perceives it or receives it?

Xander: Yeah, so so terpenes can but don’t always affect different things. So so a we can have a lot of a certain terpene and you might not get as intense of an aroma profile for that. But you may feel the the effects on your body a lot more and so it can influence weed in different ways and it also depends on what other terpenes are in that we need to see how it will influence the other flavors, aromas and effects.

More Terpenes and Strains

Carolyn: So when you’re doing, you know, just that area when you’re doing wine. Yeah, so you see how this whole process and they’re smellin’, they’re swirling it, they’re sniffing and you know doing all this stuff and you talk about legs and my mind… Yeah. Yeah,

Xander: but there’s actually, you know, some similar kind of tasting and analysis that happens with weed. Unfortunately, since there’s no one govern, governing body that controls this there’s a lot of different systems out there. So like traditionally with with wine you go through and you do have it looks, how it smells, how it tastes, and how it finishes and with weed. There’s kind of a different kind of profile that you go through. I’m using the one off of Leafly. Okay. This is the one that they used to analyze their their product that comes into their organization and they use a hundred point scale and they rate off of five different categories: appearance, aroma, cure, effects, and flavor and So within those different categories, they analyze different things.

I guess any product that you want you can analyze it and you know, you can take it to to all different levels and you know, I think it’s important to to think of weed as as a product that’s worthy of sensory analysis. Okay, how are we going to improve it? And the way it affects us if we don’t fully understand it and especially the people who are who are growing and selling should really understand the whole process of analyzing the whole profile of a weed.

Carolyn: Oh, so, you know, there’s some things I could smell it and it’s just like oh, I don’t know. I don’t know why I don’t like it because I feel like in general. I just like weed or yeah this and Depends. I’ll smell something and it’s just totally turns me off and I’ve had wine before and I’ll put it up and it’s like it smelled like urine to me. Yeah, and I just I really couldn’t get it. Yeah, I was like,

Xander: well, I understand that and you know, I think across a lot of different products, you know, everyone has their own distinct, things that they like and dislike and especially with our aroma’s? I mean you’re talking about aromas of wine or weed, you know, our main way that our brain processes a aroma’s is by attaching that aroma to a specific memory. And so the best way if there’s something that you’re trying to analyze as you’re smelling a product if there’s a certain thing you’re trying to pick out but you just can’t put your finger on it. The best thing you can do is try to remember back to when you since that smell previously because as soon as you can identify the memory you can think about all the different things that were affecting the aroma’s in the memory, you know, so, you know, maybe you’re smelling, smelling…you can’t quite tell what it is and then you know it reminds me of my grandma’s house. Hmm.

What are the you know, predominant sense and aroma’s at my grandma’s house and then you can kind of narrow it down. Okay, so it’s potpourri with dried rose petals. So you’re getting that Rose scent but also, You know, there’s a lot of things that go into it’s not fresh potpourri at my Grandma’s house. You know, it’s dusty. It’s been a while, you know, so it’s a whole profile and once you can kind of identify that memory it allows you to analyze and identify the specific aroma.

Carolyn: So I’m sorry for taking pictures. So just you know there I can almost…there are more smells that are negative to me that have whole memories and like…the there’s this certain perfume. I don’t know what it is, but it sounds, smells like felt like my seventh grade teacher who I hated, Miss Triplet see trauma. Miss Triplet. And yeah, and when I was working with women in jail, and they were talk about trauma there was smells that were associated with that trauma, so it is Kind of like oh, okay. Yeah that makes sense. Like, you know one lady was saying the smell of gasoline because that’s what she hid her abuse took place near a place that was near a gas station or something like that. Yeah, so during that period of time where she was basically kind of emotionally checking out her brain was probably picking that all up so so I get it and but you know, we don’t have to talk about negative memories, but but I get it and there are certain things.

Do the terpenes even if I okay say I didn’t I couldn’t smell anything what I still do you think I would still enjoy a particular strain as much because of way it makes me makes me feel not so much the smell.

Terpenes and Aroma

Xander: Yeah, I think so because the terpenes have effects on multiple different levels, you know. Yeah, it affects the aroma that might be the easiest to notice but it also affects the flavor and and also the effects, you know, a lot of these terpenes are not only found in weed but there are found in a lot of different things. Right and if you look at a lot of the different things that have you been used over history as Herbal Remedies or natural remedies and you look back at them, you can identify some of those those those active ingredients in some of the things that they’re using in these cures as different terpenes.

So, you know, even like if you think about lemongrass mmm that aroma that very intense pungent aroma there is a lot of lemonene in in lemongrass. Okay. And so you can kind of see how you know the same Aroma profiles kind of go across a lot of different products not even just weed.

Carolyn: Yes. Well, you know the really first start learning about terpenes somebody mentioned tea as in this like that’s kind of our..we’re engaging with terpenes when we’re drinking tea. We’re smelling the tea what it makes it a night-night tea and lemon Zimmer zingers anger, you know, all of that stuff is the uplift or it’s a p, you know kind of want to go to sleep kind of situation and it’s like it’s the terp…, would you say is the terpenes in tea or is it is it another chemical kind of compound that we were is on the tea kind of similar?

Xander: So so terpenes are just one of the many different chemical compounds that create different aromas and flavors in tea, but it is definitely one that is present. Yes, you know, there’s terpenes in black tea itself, there’s terpenes across all did a lot of the different flavoring elements that are used in tea. And so it’s definitely some of the impact is from terpenes, but it also comes from a variety of other compounds as well.

How important is THC strength in a strain

Carolyn: Okay. I had a really good question. I’m not even high…yet. But yeah, it’s just really kind of interesting. Oh that’s a thing, people really focused in on the THC percentage. Yeah saying that is the marker that they want to use in their selecting process. I pulled back from that. A lot of the stuff I have is only about 14%.

Xander: I think we’re on the same page because you know for me a lot of times when I go into a dispensary and they’re showing me the different products available. They, they’re like, oh this one’s testing at 28% and just assume that I’m going to go with that but I but I look at the weed. I smell the weed, the weed, you know, the percentage alone is not enough, you know, and honestly, you know with me and my use of marijuana I don’t necessarily want something that kicks me on my butt all the time, you know, there’s a time and place for that. But you know for for more General use, I like something that that is more, you know General relaxing, but it’s not putting my my brain and any sort of weird spaces. So yeah, I’ve been doing a lot more lower THC content and also been trying to find CBD weeds to you know, I love 1:1 CBD:THC weed.

We you know at like 8 percent is like perfect because I can smoke a joint to it by myself and I’m not like, you know freaking out by the end of that joint, you know, it relaxes my whole body and mind and it just allows me to kind of decompress cuz, you know, I think we’d as a tool for me that allows me to kind of shut off my brain a little bit I think you know a lot of us are going in our daily lives and with work and everything and worked in caught up in all these stresses and stuff. And I think it’s important to to like break away from that and just relax, you know, understand your body as it’s happening feeling the effects and seeing seeing how its I was changing the way you interact with the world and I think a lower CBD and THC weed for me does that but there’s also times you know where I want. Something that’ll get me really high with just a

How to get home?

Carolyn: flick that that’s the part. I kid you not…I don’t even know how I got home, but I was there and but I just do remember sitting in that one chair and watching you young folks just have a, because you know, I was start like thinking about. Oh, yeah. I remember when I was in my twenties and with this was exactly the kind of party. I was like, yeah, all flat back in the corner. But it was wonderful. What do you have smoking but it was good. But yeah, I really you know, I feel like as I get older and understand how cannabis works for me before it was sort of I used it as a tool to write because I used to write comedy. Yeah, and so I needed to get out of my own way. Yeah and by having a couple of tokes or whatever and another and didn’t need a lot it just open this portal. Creativity. Yeah, and I was able to write and I’m being a deck laughing, you know, but also writing and it was just a tool that helped me kind of do what I want to do now. I do like a strain that keeps me focused. I want to do some work. I’m involved in two classes right now, but sometimes the classes are difficult. And you just kind of okay’m gonna relax. Okay, so Chris said the chicken was good.

Xander: It is.

The Terpene Taste Test

Carolyn: Is it? I have news…I haven’t some times to taste it…yeah.

Chris: It is very the creaminess of the butter.

Carolyn: It’s yeah, I’m excited. Okay, I just put a little chicken leg, then…wait. That is good. Mmm. Okay. Mmm. I can taste the cannnabis but it’s like one of the other herbs. Yeah, it’s present. It’s not overpowering and it’s just dancing with everything else. So just as a reminder or not a reminder, but we put it in the video, put it in the video. But what this chicken is enrobed in we have our Burlap and Barrel Turkish-Oregano buds. We have our flowering-hissup-thyme baby. Yes, and then we have a little cubanero chili just for a little heat. It’s not even hot. I should have put more in but we can just stick it on there.

But yeah, it is like so we’re really trying to profile the thyme that’s in this because it’s inside I Infuse this chicken using a flavor injector. So I have infused the butter with the compound butter and injected it in there. It was lovely. It was quite good. It was actually fun. And then I took the unenfused the rest of the onion fused butter and slather that on there and then just let that sit overnight and just roasted it off today. So I am happy about this. What we had I have worried about in the past was cooking the THC and having it start to degrade. And so what I did I forgot about was oven temperature, internal temperature: two different things.

Things, so, folks out there, don’t worry about infusing your chicken. If you put it inside its kind of be kind of protected inside the flesh, of the chicken flesh. The word flesh probably isn’t the best word so tender. But anyway, but I’ve I feel like it’s protected plus that you know in order your chicken in its doneness, the temperature is 165. So if THC starts to degrade at 350, you’re fine. So roast away get you a chicken and an injector and do the damn thing because this is good and

Zander: it’s really good.

Carolyn: Wow. And so do you feel like when you have a you know, an infused kind of meal that everything on the plate needs to be infused.
Xander: I don’t think so. You know, I’ve had meals where everything is infused and that’s kind of fun. But I think you know having just one item infused is interesting, especially if you’re looking at it.

In a more like research approach because you can see how that single item affected you, you know, because if I have it’s like a biscuit with that’s infused. I have some chicken that’s infused and all these different things. You don’t really know from what source that those effects are coming from.
Carolyn: Right

The Right Amount

Zander: …and it’s also hard to kind of determine like, you know, did I Infuse it with the right amount? You know, if you’re mixing because you know, maybe one meal you get way too high and then you’re like, okay it was that this this or this right, but if it’s Then you can kind of tone in the rest of the recipe and get it just right.
Carolyn: Oh, absolutely and it’s like I didn’t want to overdo it today because I know you guys gotta drive.

But also, I just really wanted to again feature that something that’s probably in your spice cabinet or needs to be your spice cabinet, thyme is a beautiful herb and you know works really great for chicken or anything really and that the terpene, we’re going to talk about the terpene that we’re going to what was it. I realize I was pronouncing it wrong…

Carry o WHAT? The Terpene in the strain

Xander: So as far as I was able to research that predict, the correct pronunciation is ‘care ee oh fi lean’… caryophyllene.

Carolyn: caryophyllene. All right, so thyme and caryophyllene. So tell me about caryophyllene. Why what is this particular terpene important to us?

Xander: Yeah, so specifically like the things that really make Caryophyllene work so well with like a very herbal meat dish is that it’s got some spicy kind of herbal kind of flavors going on already. Well known for having some like cinnamon and clove flavors, but also just kind of like a funky warmth. It’s just, you know reminds you of those like, your kind of herbal and spicy peppery kind of compounds. So like this would be a congruent pairing with caryophyllene.

There’s two types of pairings there’s congruent and there’s contrasting…and just by the names you can probably kind of suss out what they are but congruent means that you’re trying to match similar flavor profiles. Whereas contrasting means you’re trying to find an opposite flavor profile. So while you might go with herbal things another good pairing would be like stuffed mushrooms, dried meats, or even like a beet. As you know, you’ve got those earthy earthy kind of flavor profiles. Yeah, and if you want to contrast that you can go with something like a chocolate raspberry ganache because you know, everyone knows that you know, the chocolate goes well with something a little bit herbal traditionally, you know, some Mint or something like that would be a good pairing.

But if you think of this caryophyllene terpene as the thing you’re pairing something like, Like chocolate and raspberry would contrast it while still kind of emphasizing those flavor profiles like some like a port wine sauce would be another good contrasting thing. You’re looking for like kind of fresher and chocolaty kind of flavors, maybe a little bit creamy something like that.
Carolyn: Yeah. Yeah. And so, do you have a favorite kind of oh does it doesn’t matter. It’s just it’s all good like whether you want like the contrasting or
Xander: congruent then growing?

Overabundance of vocablulary

Carolyn: Come into my house using big words…fourth grade level man, but this is good because you know, the holidays are right on us and you know, we’re quarantined and is you know, sometimes your relatives and you know, you can hide that in a chicken or a turkey, right? Yeah, just call me because like I said, I think if would be like this interesting. What did you do?

Chris: Thyme, thyme

Carolyn: Yes,

Chris: lots of thyme

Carolyn: lots of thyme. So, you know it this is, you know, my first time infusing a meat like that because I begin I was afraid of burning off the THC or degrading it. Yeah some degree and now I’m like it’s on and Poppin now. Yeah, every time I do one of those grocery store this injector, yeah. And what I did was when I made the compound butter with all the herbs and everything like that. I left any everything in there overnight to so it’s sat to kind of Infuse and then I warmed it back up and strained it out.

So when I enjoy what I injected into the chicken was just butter and not the you know herbaceous pieces, but I took that and then that’s what splattered all over the chicken soup some pretty good pictures before he mangled it. Okay. I mingled it. I’m just going to be honest. I cut the chicken. It’s not pretty…so… but yeah, it’s just you know with the holidays coming up in just so much stress is like having something infused. If you don’t want to smoke in front of your grandmother, you know, just go sit over there with your chicken leg, you know, it’s just good…

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